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To Members and Friends of ILA Local 1408,

Here's a few court related issues I've been working on recently: (click on the blue links below)

President Cameron Joins debate on Dredging

President Cameron Interviewed about Port Dredging

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Article: Porsche Considers Jacksonville

Business Journal: Volkswagens in the Port

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Vincent Cameron

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Dear ILA-local Brothers & Sisters:


In the words of Marvin Gaye, “What’s going on" is the topic of this posting.  The Local isn't sitting still in a time capsule and the "Goings on" continue to change.  If you are truly concerned about your Local and its workings, come to a Monthly Membership Meeting.  We have Membership Meetings every first Monday of the month.  Check this website; check the Local's notification boards or sign up for the text notification to be kept on page about the meetings and other...


Here are a few updates going on in the now, see below:


GOTV (GET OUT TO VOTE) – The most important thing we can do as citizens is to exercise our right to vote.  We have to be ever mindful of the sacrifices made by many, in order that we can have the right to Vote Today!  International Longshoreman Association President Harold Daggett urges each and every member to get involved in your Local elections and make a difference!   Please keep up with the Local’s website as we update recommendations for screened candidates


Local 1408 Officer Elections - The elections of December 11th, 2017 has continued to herald the “New Age” for Local 1408. The December elections signaled a recommitment to the forward progress that the Local has realized since the trusteeship ended in 2014. Now as the distractions from the post-elections complaints whine down, the Local is now directing its energies in more productive pursuits for the benefit of the Local and its membership.


SAGCILA Delegate Elections - On Monday, May 21, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. and the Local will convene a special called meeting for the Nomination and Determination of Delegates to the South Atlantic & Gulf Coast District ILA Convention in July. The election of said delegates will be held Thursday, May 31, 2018 from   7:00am -  7:00pm  at the ILA Local 1408 union hall. Curtis Watson, Lionel Roberts and Fred Davis will again head up the Election committee and any and all concerns regarding eligibility will need to be directed to them  (please see Nomination & Election Notice for more specifics)


Hazmat Training and Port Security Training - Port Security and Hazmat training is mandatory for anyone who seeks work out the Port of Jacksonville.  If you haven’t had training, call Nathaniel Gardner to make arrangements. 4 times a year we conduct this training at the Local's unionhall at no expense to you. We post the dates and times of the training sessions and ask you to check the boards in the hall to see if your hazmat is coming up for renewal. No hazmat, no work.  If you miss it we have the ability to arrange a class but you will be responsible for the $350.00 cost for the training. Hazmat training is good for 3 years and you have to renew it before it expires.  The Local post Hazmat certifications on the wall in the hall and they are color coded to additionally assist you with determining your status. Green for good, yellow for nearing expiration and red for expired


Dredging the St. John’s River - After years and years of back and forth debate, the Dredging initiative for the St. John’s River has now begun and somewhere around late 2011 - early 2022 we should be welcoming the large container ships to Jacksonville and the Local will have its next big growth spurt as a result.


Meet Jann Clark - ILA Local 1408 crossed into another era with the election of Sister Jann Clark as Secretary-Treasurer. Jann is the grand-daughter of the former Business Agent Paul Fields Sr. She is a child of the ILA and now she breaks through the glass ceiling as the First Woman ever elected to the Executive office of Local 1408.  Jann worked on the docks for over a decade and for the last 2 years she has served as the actual Office Secretary for the Local. I am happy to announce that we were able to post for and secure a replacement for the Jann in her previous capacity with the hiring of Ms. Renee Lacy as the Local’s new Office Secretary; combined with the Administrative assistance of Keith “Peabody” Hopkins, the office is a buzz with new energy and a commitment to raising the bar for the Local across the board.


Longshore Orientation Sessions – In October 20, 2014,  we started Orientation sessions to explain the top-to-bottom steps in becoming a Longshoreman. Longshore work can be a rewarding career but it isn’t for everyone. 4 times a year we conducted orientation session to a packed house. The local has experienced phenomenal growth with the influx of new longshore persons will start on the road to growth by conducting our first real orientation session


MILA Health Fair - The 18th of April the Local asked many of you to participate in the health fair that hosted at the unionhall and you obliged. The Director of MILA, Mrs. Lavern Thompson was excited at the record participation that 1408 had. Things are going in the right direction and you have to be healthy too reek the benefits


Harassment & Discrimination - A hostile-free work place is the right for everyone. The Local will be scheduling several Harassment and Discrimination classes in the not too distant future during 2018. This workshop will be mandatory for everyone in order to recommit to the premise that everyone is entitled to a Hostile-free workplace. We are committed to reaching that milestone


Training - The Local is now making preparations for the increased demands on personnel by continuing to train, train and train some more through the training programs headed up by 1408 Vice-President Nathaniel “Chest” Gardner. The Local sat down with Management and revamped several training initiatives with the Gantry training program having the biggest of the anticipation for increased demand for Gantry operators with and expedited program sourced from preexisting operator pool. The ILA/JMA committee reviewed a number of P.I.T. Certified operators with various training certifications under their belt and set upon a reviewing process that produced a smaller roster of potential gantry trainees that will be exposed to an expedited program with the goal of rolling out more operators with the “right stuff” in a way shorter period than the previous program

Training that has Tractor Trailer, Forklift, Rubber tire Gantry, Ship, Monk & Gantry cranes.


Land Ho! - Local 1408 is in negotiations for a land purchase that will increase our footprint.  The purchase of the properties will immediately give the local the much needed growing room that has been long overdue…


Upgrades in the meantime - Your elected officers and staff are committed to raising the bar!  This is evident in the recent upgrades to the facility that included new landscaping, a new 20 ton high efficiency A.C. System, new ceiling fans and exterior paint. We are going to make the best of our house as we eventually transition to a larger setup. We have journeyed many miles and still have a ways to go.


Upgraded Technology – The Local is in the process of incorporating a new dispatch system, a new outreach program and an App.  We will be reaching out to you with work updates, notices etc., the new notification system that the Local uses for outreach to the longshore family is now in place.  Signing up is super easy and the notification process is broken down into several areas; if you are seeking general notifications, auto updates, truck updates, maintenance updates etc., we are doing this ILA 1408!  The progress on the new dispatching system is almost done and the new technology will allow for expedited shapeups and information coordination.  The ILA app that the South Atlantic District has put in place is now active and informing. The Local is now working with the District office to setup a process that will enable you to track work hours from your phone, Please use the Local’s website (WWW.ILA1408.ORG) to upload your new email address and cell numbers.


Labor Day Picnic 2018 - efforts to field a location for Labor Day picnic now that metro park has been torn down; stay tuned and we will keep to updated as progress continues


Thank you for your dedication, hard work and loyal support.  “We are all in this Together!”


Fraternally Yours,


Vincent S. Cameron