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ILA Mission Statement

For as long as there have been ships, there have been people who work them...

For thousands of years men and women have been working to keep the flow of goods and services moving around the world.  The members of the International Longshoreman’s Association have proudly carried on that tradition.

With today’s cutting edge technology and automation it is reassuring to know that the essence of the trade industry still relies on people.  In the future we will continue to work diligently and efficiently to keep the great vessels of the world sailing.


I.L.A. Pledge

I do most solemnly on my honor promise that during my connection with this Association I will remain a true and faithful member, observe its laws and labor as far as lies within my power to further the advancement of my trade, so that my fellow-men can receive and enjoy with me the just fruits of their labor. That I will attend the meetings of this Association as often as it is possible for me to do so; that I will not reveal, unless by permission, any of the secret workings that may at any time be confided to me; and I do further promise to assist a member of this Association when and wherever I may find him in distress; that I will never knowingly wrong him or his; but will help preserve the rights of his household inviolate; and finally I will strive to create a brotherly feeling between our Association and organizations who mean to uphold the dignity of labor and to affirm the nobility of all who earn their bread by the sweat of their brow; that I will not deal in any manner with any person who is an enemy of labor. To this I pledge my honor.


February 2024

"Second to none, getting the Job done!"

The challenges of the next decade supersede those of any similar span of time in the history of ILA Local 1408. Our membership looks to the future with hope. We seek to create more jobs, provide better educational opportunities and improve benefits.  Since 1995, our annual college scholarship program has awarded over $260, 000.00 to deserving young students in the greater Jacksonville area.  READ MORE...